Driving Into the Sunset
Dan Logan
'My human capabilities aren’t sufficient enough to help translate what my soul wants to express.'
— JMC (via jmceo)

Was playing around with my camera and some broken glass, and I captured this. (OC)

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt for Vogue US
'And so I instruct my ribs each morning, pointing to hinge and plaster and wood —
   You are matter, as they are.
   See how perfectly it can be done.
   Hold, one day more, what is asked.
— Jane Hirshfield, from A Room (via boy48)

Dead Sea, Israel
Swimmers float effortlessly in the salt-laden waters of the Dead Sea near Ein Bokek, Israel. Ten times saltier than seawater, the lake is extremely buoyant and a popular destination for holidaymakers. It’s also Earth’s lowest point on land.
First time in Winter Park yesterday and can I say that it is the cutest place ever

i took this when my life and hair were an absolute mess

You look like Mandy Moore here

Jenny Holzer.